TOW: PR in the 1960’s

The 60’s was a transforming era for businesses and a starting point for revolutionary changes to be taken place.  As civil rights, minority rights, feminism, and other types of discrimination were starting to be taken more seriously and frowned upon, corporate social responsibility began to be redefined. This decade also began the consumer’s right to know. This meant truthful labeling and understandable language in loan agreements, insurance policies, mortgages, and car financing.  At this time few CEOs were equipped to comment on these issues, which is why they heavily relied on their PR team.  During this era the idea that public relations consultants were seen as an expensive luxury, available only to a few of the largest corporations, was beginning to end. Prior to this time public image was something unknown to the average business planner and press coverage most likely referred to paid advertisements, but today you will very few businesses and/or organizations without some form of public relations team. Nevertheless, if I was able to choose another decade to work in public relations it would definitely be the 60s.  During this point in history society was socially turbulent, conflicted, and confused. With all the changes going on, it just seems like an exciting time to work in PR. The 1960s is where life was beginning to be redefined and set the course for the future of PR. In my opinion, it appears to have been an intense thing to be a part of.