TOW: Ethics and Law

As a PR professional I believe it is important to refrain from subordinating the truth to other requirements. You should never regard any situation as lesser. At the end of the day, the truth is the truth and a lie is a lie. Being untruthful can cause information to circulate which is not based on established and ascertainable facts. Being dishonest about small things can turn into big issues. Once you lose the public’s trust it may hard to receive it back. You must also never take part in any venture that is capable of impairing human dignity or integrity. Dishonesty is toxic. Not only can it destroy your own life, but it can destroy someone else’s, intentional or not. Using any manipulative methods or techniques designed to create subconscious motivations over which an individual has no control is also something a PR professional should never do. Nothing is ever beneficial about unethical behavior. If you do it too often it may catch up to you.