TOW: PR Podcast

Social Media Ethics – In this webinar, PRSA’s Board of Ethics and Professional Standards provided insight and training for public relations professionals on social media ethics and how the PRSA Code of Ethics can help determine the proper course of action and protect you and your clients’ reputation and credibility. Current examples of unethical practices in social media were examined and  guidance was provided on how public relations professionals can ensure their social-media campaigns uphold the ethical standards of the profession. In this podcast they stressed the importance of honesty, especially when communicating to the public. Through social media, communicating with public has become much easier, but we must use it responsibly.

Listening to podcast’s can be a very beneficial tool when wanting to learn more about public relations. It offers you insight and information from experts in this field. Due to their experience they offer good advice and information. Thanks to the internet and iTunes, it has become very easy to discover podcast’s you actually enjoy.