TOW: Corporate Public Relations

A corporate PR team must work together to provide a variety of resources to a company. For venture capital, it is extremely important to have a corporate PR team to handle the public attention. A corporate PR team must provide experts in their particular field, necessary tools, resources, information, and media relationships. They must be able to provide as much information about the company to as many people as possible. Corporate public relations is in charge of finding investors and others that can invest money in your company. A good corporate PR team will be able to identify those investors you may not have been able to find on your own.  The larger the corporation, the larger the corporate PR team. A corporate PR team must create effective PR campaigns and implement them within the organization. An effective PR campaign takes time, something that most corporations don’t have. It is important to create a PR campaign to generate public interest about your company. A PR campaign is similar to a marketing campaign. The PR campaign focuses on generating interest for the company, service, or product and building upon the reputation of a company. A PR campaign needs to identify its target audience and create a campaign that focuses on them. Every individual on the corporate PR team needs to be trained with excellent written and verbal communication skills since they alone are in charge of the reputation of the company.

There are several ways to promote your business in the corporate PR strategy. Since PR individuals are in charge of building and maintaining the reputation of a company, it is important for them to attend social gatherings where they can network the company with others. Your goal is to establish your credibility in the particular field and establish the image of the company. Several corporations have begun writing weekly or daily blogs that allows them to discuss their expertise in their particular field.A web site is a very important piece of good corporate public relations. Interested investors and other parties can go to the web site and expect to find detailed content about the products and services of the company. A web site needs to include information about the corporate structure of a company including its officers, directors, and strategic planners. Other information about the company that should be included are the following: a history of the company, how it began and how it grew into the company it is today, information that sets your company apart from your competitors, and additional information that establishes your companies expertise in their field.
Another excellent way to build the reputation of the company is to write editorials to the newspaper and magazines. You can write articles for both print media materials and see if they will either run your article in full or publish a portion of it. Some journalists will even write a story on a topic of interest that was generated by your PR department and will contact them for expert quotes on the subject matter. Press releases are one of the easiest ways to gain exposure for your company and build the reputation of a company. Corporate PR teams are also responsible for planning and executing corporate events. Most corporate events are called at “meet and greet” because the guests were invited so the PR people could network with them. A meet and greet is an effective way to build your network of contacts and increase the exposure of the company. A corporate PR team is responsible for various tasks, the most important is to keep the reputation of the company positive. If media attention is drawn to a negative aspect of the company, it is the corporate PR team’s job to fix it and show the company in a positive manner.