TOW: Top 10 Things I’ve Learned About PR

1. The importance of social media and social media monitoring tools.

2. The importance of good communication with the public and your team. It’s necessary to generate valuable content on a regular basis. You should identify forward trends and lessons that can benefit others and be a constant source of solid information that people trust and respect.

3. As a PR professional you must have people skills. Not everything you do is behind the scenes. An accomplished public relations professional is good with people. The profession needs people who unite, not divide. People who help others get along and enjoy working to foster better communication in our sometimes-confrontational world.

4. Creativity is key for success. It  goes into everything that a good public relations professional does. Creativity applies to the development of every message and delivery mechanism. It applies to how PR pros represent their employers or clients, and to the kinds of activities and events they produce.

5. Having a good relationship with the media is vital.

6. Every PR professional needs to know how to write well, whether it be for a press release or a blog post.

7. You must know how to develop relationships. Public relations is so much more than media relations and pitching. We need to be able to develop relationships on multiple levels of an organization, with the media/bloggers, with customers and with people who have opposing views.

8. You need to know your audience in order to communicate properly and be successful.

9. You have options, PR Departments and PR Firms. It’s up to you to learn about these things to discover what best suits you.

10. You have more options! There are even branches of Public Relations that you can choose from.