TOW: PR/ Marketing Broadcast

Internet Marketing for Smart People Radio by Copyblogger Media is a podcast station that can be found on iTunes for completely free under the Marketing and Business category! Today, I listened to a particular segment titled, “Whether you call it blogging or not, online content still rules“. It was the discussion of whether not blogging was dead or not, but what was discovered is that many now are calling what they do “content marketing” instead. However, despite what you call blogging, it is what it is. The question arises that if corporations stopped blogging would you stop as well? The answer was of course not! Instead you would find yourself having the opportunity of a lifetime. Simply put, blogging isn’t dead, it is evolving. It can be hard work and takes genuine effort, but that doesn’t mean that it is of little value. You just need to know and learn how to use it more effectively!