TOW: How to write engaging introductions for guest speakers

Remember the purpose of the introduction by thinking “TIS“.

Topic – What will the speaker talk about?

Importance – Why this topic for this audience?

Speaker – Who the speaker is and why this speaker for this topic

These are the questions you must answer for the audience.

If you are writing your own introduction, you must first decide what elements of your character and success are most significant to the audience. It’s a good idea to list the two or three most impressive and relevant facts about the speaker (or yourself). Generally, start with the oldest or smallest achievement, and build up to the crowning achievement. From this introduction your audience should learn something new, respect the speaker more, and be eager to hear the first words spoken. However, make sure that you don’t exaggerate the speaker’s credentials in an attempt to build them up, this is a common mistake. Just be clear about why the speaker was chosen and how his or her knowledge applies to the event. Also, use an active voice when writing an introduction; it brings energy and confidence to the words.

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